Comprising of Ross, Dan and Rob, the Bristol based Mediks represent an exciting new force to the bass music scene. A talented trio of producers ready to showcase their energetic, adrenaline fuelled take on Drum and Bass, Mediks have already enjoyed an unbelievable rise to prominence.

After meeting one another through the thriving Bristolian Dnb scene Ross, Dan and Rob soon found themselves working together on a creative level. After an inspired studio session that saw the trio write dancefloor weapon 'Nightmare', the three like-minded musicians realized they were on to something. Within a few weeks, Mediks were formed, and ready to release their debut EP on Shimon's innovative Audioporn Records.

A combination of technical excellence and experience with a generous dose of creativity, Mediks work in an organic, spontaneous way - something that shows in their full on beats and bold bassline.

Having previously used their talents writing and producing for a glittering roster of pop acts, the accomplished Ross and Dan teamed up with Rob to form Mediks - a rowdy three piece set intent on infecting the DnB Scene. Drawing on relevant, contemporary influences such as Koan Sound and Knife Party, as well as old school veterans such as Pendulum and Noisia, Mediks produce music in similarly cutting edge way.

For Mediks, the secret to making vibrant, energetic music is the chemistry between the members, and the overwhelming desire to make something fresh, new and original. Always on the lookout for new ideas and sounds, Mediks have been known to think well outside the box, creating new sounds and ideas as they go along. One example of this creative flair is on Outbreak, the opening track to their impressive debut release on Audioporn Records. After creating a thick horrific atmosphere, the Mediks decided the finishing touch would be the sound of zombies munching on flesh, and recorded themselves eating crisps to capture the perfect sound.

With their debut EP on Audioporn Records featuring the funky 'Outbreak', fast-paced 'Nightmare', soulful 'Blown Away' and rowdy 'Doomsday', the Outbreak EP is the first release from a group set to go on to even bigger things - and with the might of Audioporn behind them, Mediks are ready to infect dancefloors worldwide.

2013 is shaping up to be a defining year for Bristol drum & bass trio Mediks. Following the success of their Fast Lane EP which received backing from multiple BBC Radio 1 DJs, and the critically acclaimed Terminal/Lights, the guys are gearing up for their next 4-track release, Cannibals EP, which includes the highly anticipated, 'Come Back Down' and a remix from label-mate, Xilent.

With millions of plays on YouTube and ongoing support from the mighty UKF, the demand for Mediks is rapidly picking up pace with bookings lined up for all over Europe and the United States for their trademark medical-masked, 4-deck showcase DJ sets.

When three producers can bring such a slew of musical influences to the table combining them with precision-tooled production abilities you know you're onto a winner.  And with Shimon's AudioPorn at their back, responsible for launching some of the biggest names in drum and bass, you'd better prepare yourselves for the next chapter in the rise of Mediks.