Hailed as Ram Records' "golden boy" and one of their "most valuable assets" by venerated drum and bass journal Knowledge Magazine, Shimon has long been a compelling force in the international drum and bass scene. Born and bred on rock, the self-confessed "Floyd-head" discovered dance music in his adolescent years, sneaking into now legendary rave nights such as Elevation and A.W.O.L at Paradise Club. With the subsequent purchase of a sampler, Shimon came to the realization that he wanted to make the music he loved, spending "thousands of hours" developing his maverick style and production techniques on his Akai 950 and Atari ST computer.

Before long, Shimon's individual efforts caught the attention of his good friend, DJ and label owner Andy C. They immediately joined forces, producing arguably one of the most popular drum and bass 12"s of all time: "
Quest", with "Nightflight" on the flip. Shimon's professional relationship with Andy C and the renowned Ram Records had begun. With the inclusion of his hit tune "Recharge" on Ram Records' LP 'The Speed of Sound' (1995), Shimon had solidified his place as an indispensable part of Ram.

The duo was unstoppable - as Ram Trilogy (with Ant Miles), their Chapter series was charting regularly, with 'Chapter Five' and 'Chapter Six' reaching #62 and #60 respectively. These achievements were soon to be eclipsed by a single that will remain one of the most successful and dividing Drum & Bass tracks in existence, Shimon & Andy C's "Body Rock". That which cannot be debated is the song's overwhelming success: 'Body Rock' reached the monumental heights of #28 on the UK singles chart, and according to some reports, received the rewind-treatment 17 times in one Fabric session. The trio was responsible for a wave of certified classics including "Screamer" and "Titan", the latter of which was nominated for various industry awards, including Knowledge Magazine's coveted Best Tune of the Year in 2004. Individually, Shimon's mix of Ram Records' beloved 'Ram Raiders' compilation was released to much acclaim, and Shimon's last release on Ram Records, 'The Shadow Knows' EP (2006), remains to this day DNB Arena's top selling EP of all time.

In just a few short years AudioPorn has become a force to be reckoned with - in 2008 the Shimon and Sparfunk tune 
"The Smoker" garnered a great deal of DJ support and went straight to #1 on Beatport, with a remix from Tantrum Desire in 2010 reaching #1 yet again on DNB Arena and Track It Down. Shimon's eye for talent had worked wonders, signing some of the scene's most exciting and sought-after newcomers, including the five-man Parisian outfit Dirtyphonics, and Austrian duo Camo & Krooked. Dirtyphonics' debut "French Fuck" / "Bonus Level" release instantly garnered widespread acclaim, and their subsequent AudioPorn release "Vandals" in 2009 remains one of the top tunes of all time on the Beatport Drum and Bass Classics Chart. In the meantime, Camo & Krooked's"History of the Future" / "Verve" featuring MC Tali became instant bestsellers, with the former becoming the #1 track for all genres on TrackItDown. Unsurprisingly, shortly thereafter the two sets of artists were awarded the gong for Best Newcomer Producers at DNB Arena's Drum & Bass Awards in 2009 and 2010. 

2012 later came and proved to be yet another successful year with Shimon’s collaboration on 'Tides' alongside Hybrid Minds. The track was part of Hybrid Minds self titled 4 track EP released on AudioPorn and was given an adrenaline injection by Shimon. 'Tides' features all the soul of Hybrid Minds with all the funk and club appeal associated with the legend behind Body Rock, Hush Hush, and The Shadow Knows. Shimon has a lot in store for 2013, so be sure to keep an eye out on this incredible producer!