Black Owlz - Pill Machine / Mechanizm [APORN064]
Black Owlz - Pill Machine / Mechanizm [APORN064]

Next up on Shimon’s trailblazing Audioporn label is Pill Machine/Mechanizm, from Toulouse-based duo Bl4ck Owlz. The production team incorporate elements of neurofunk, dubstep and even metal into their expansive, genre- crossing sound. 

Painting their very own vision of the future, the Owlz add heavyweight guitar to their live shows, bringing a new element to proceedings. Coupled with releases on Evol Intent, plus support from UKF Dubstep, Modestep and Cold Fusion, they are clearly going somewhere. Following on from their incredible release on Noisia’s label, they are ready to take the next step with APORN064. Strap in and get ready for Pill Machine and Mechanizm. 

On Pill Machine, the power is apparent from the start, with a dark, ominous opening seeing the producers adding in key elements of sound, from background ticks to swirling electronics. Things get dropped down and ramped up soon afterwards, as the tune develops into something minimal and full at the same time. Rocking beats’ll shock you into submission, as Bl4ck Owlz drive things along. Difficult to pin down and categorise, impossible to resist, Pill Machine ticks all the right boxes. Heavyweight bass completes the picture, as the tune drops out only to build back up again. 

Meanwhile, on Mechanizm, a more urgent, underground-feeling intro explodes into life, as the Owlz light the touchpaper early, with more and more pressure built up to unleash in the drop. The beats are suppressed under the sheer weight of the swinging funk of the Mechanizm, but nothing is left to chance on this one. Straight-ahead direction, loads and loads of bass, and enough attitude to kill even the hardest dance all result in this one being an instant classic. Shades of melody are thrown in when this one is taken down a little, before being brought back, kicking and screaming, for another bite of the cherry. 

You better get ready for Audioporn and Bl4ck Owlz in 2016. It’s going to be heavy.