James Marvel - 'Trump (Ft. MC Mota)' [APORN066]
James Marvel - 'Trump (Ft. MC Mota)' [APORN066]

If we can learn anything from Shimon’s Audioporn empire, it’s to expect the unexpected, the mad, the crazy and the non-conformist. This mad hatter tune is no differrent, Audioporn proudly presents APORN066, 'Trump' by James Marvel ft. MC Mota.
Both together and in their own merit, these boys have earned their spot in the drum & bass spectrum with high profile appearances at Rampage, Tomorrowland, Star Warz, Hospitality, Liquicity and with releases on Audioporn, Drum&Bass Arena, Titan Records, remixes for Dub FX, Xilent and so forth. Safe to say no further introduction is needed.
After last year’s huge succes with their n°1 hit ‘Way Of The Warrior’, James Marvel & MC Mota are set to confirm their place in the upper echelons of the scene with “Trump”. A sonically menacing and hard hitting banger bearing a strong message, heavy lyrical flow and a lead melody that’ll haunt your dreams till kingdom come. The track kicks off with an old skool rave-feeling intro. Spoken samples drifting over the top paint a picture of what this track is about while setting the stage for the lyrical rampage that’s about to occur.
When the breakdown hits, MC Mota’s bazooka-flow reigns down like a firestorm over Middle-Earth. As the samples in the intro state “Denouncing Western greed and hypocrisy”, the lyrics are fast paced and build up momentum to the drop where -as if by sleight of hand- a soaring lead melody takes over in the perfect way to make entire crowds jump up and chant.
Trump is one hell of a big tune! Refreshing with some classic Audioporn vibes. Like a certain somebody, this one is big, brash and in your face. Combine beats and bars, James Marvel and Mota manage to convey all their rage in a collaboration which is going to smash everywhere it’s played.

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