Rushmore - 'Monument' [APORN069]
Rushmore - 'Monument' [APORN069]

Rushmore’s background in electronic music started from a young age. His obsession came as no surprised having poured over the CD collection he’d obtained over the early 2000’s. Whether it was the music of DJ Hype, or LPs from Pendulum and the Prodigy, his musicianship was nurtured over those formative years.

After making the rounds of London’s clubbing scene, he chose his journey after crossing paths with the industry’s biggest players. Whether it was dubstep or drum & bass, he spun a range of tempos behind the decks, pedestalling modern production standards and its contemporary sounds.

After being entrenched in its cultural fabric he decided to turn his hand at production. Becoming a staple on the dnb sphere’s biggest events, whether it’s Let It Roll, London’s biggest NYE party with Ram Records or Innovation in the Sun, he had the perfect platform to showcase his music. Working alongside the likes of Mampi Swift, Rough Tempo and other industry leaders he was quickly snapped up by Audioporn Records. An imprint who have certainly cemented themselves within the scene’s title weights.

Retaining their reputation for delivering some of the best the 174bpm genre has to offer, they’ve handpicked Rushmore whilst retaining their reputation as being on the forefront of new music. With the A&R expertise of revered label head Shimon, Rushmore produces a driving riddim with stabs of distortion and clanking, spacey drum loops. Science fiction like vocal sample slowly draws you in, leading you up for a ride with each beat creating a stepping stone.

‘Monument’ is a bouncing riddim that takes you through on different layers, prepare to be elevated then dropped steeply with every sound twist. Rushmore takes you into a rollercoaster dimension of noise, filled with sonic gaps which will have you freefalling between breaks. This is Rushmore at his most menacing and with this being one of his first ever outputs, his career is looking to catapult itself through his menacing production standard.

Rushmore - 'Monument' is available to stream or purchase, now: