Benny L & Shimon - 'Monsters' [APORN070]
Benny L & Shimon - 'Monsters' [APORN070]

The brainchild of legendary drum & bass DJ Shimon, AudioPorn Records originated as a platform for him to flex his A&R skill. With decades of experience behind the decks as well as in the studio, it was only a matter of time before he shaped his own playing field. AudioPorn has been used to promote some of the most exciting newcomers, who’ve recently topped the Beatport charts and lining event posters globally. It demonstrates Shimon’s enviable vision, for both the label and its roster, which is slowly becoming more prominent with every subsequent release.

This next output from the imprint features none other than the head honcho himself. Presented alongside Benny L, a producer who’s been carving himself a place at the table since he began making music, they bring the heat on a sonic slammer which will tear up subs internationally. Hot off the back of their sets at this year’s seminal Let It Roll festival, it’s certainly a track that you’re likely to recognise.

Playing homage to his roots, Shimon returns to a darker, more underground sound whilst Benny L brings together more contemporary elements to create a record that’s intimidatingly weighty. Starting off with grave intentions, it ebbs and flows between a driving force and subterranean bassline. Crushing snare is prevalent throughout, adding yet more layers with every tide. The meeting of old and new school works perfectly, a harmony which translates into a track that’ll take you into the depths of any late night set. It’s a cut that detonated crowds at one of the world’s largest drum & bass festivals and on first listen it’s easy to see why. Cranking up the eerie atmospherics midway, Benny L and Shimon take you down into a world that’s defined by Shimon’s history. Vocal sample breaks up the mix, before once again you’re delved into a darkness held together by static volume.

AudioPorn is about being on the forefront of drum & bass. But it’s also about staying true to its roots. And that’s exactly what’s delivered by ‘Monsters’.

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