Back in 2009, the Dirtyphonics boys and Audioporn gave the world “Teleportation” as a means to break boundaries in the DnB genre – and they did it with some aplomb. Now, 8 years later, it seems that the duo feel that their work is not quite done and have enlisted the help of The Prototypes to really bring the message home.
Both Dirtyphonics and The Prototypes have enjoyed a period of unprecedented success in recent years. Sell out festival gigs and releases on some of the biggest mainstream and underground labels around have made them hot property to say the least. “Teleportation” was lauded at first release for its energy and ability to consume the listener completely. The Prototypes have created the same energetic intensity with their remix, but have added a level of insistence that requires you to really pay attention and appreciate the intricacies and intimacies of their work.
In Dirtyphonics, Drum & Bass has found a real treasure. A duo that can mix it with the big wigs in the major labels and bring them to their knees, whilst at the same time rubbing shoulders with the underground and delivering hits that crucify dancefloors. And with The Prototypes holding the reigns of the remix, they have one of the foremost UK production talents ready to push the button on a DEFCON 1 level assault on the DnB genre.
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