This release is one you have been waiting for; a long awaited solo single from Audioporn bossman and drum & bass legend Shimon

Having cut his musical teeth with releases on Ram Records during the burgeoning drum & bass scene, Shimon cemented his name as one of the biggest producers in the game. With a list of anthems too long to mention, Shimon has a proven track record of putting out quality music.

The title track Physio features the brilliant vocals of Darrison, harking back to the heady nights at ‘The End’ club in London. Starting with mellow reggae style rhythms and stabs coupled with the smooth vocals of Darrison, the intro is mellow and understated and leads into an almighty devastating drop. ‘Physio’ drops with a relentless and furious snare, complementing the deep LFO’d bass which smacks your face with great force; Darrisons vocals then cut through, raising the intensity again. If there ever was an intro tune, ‘Physio’ is it.

Next we have “Crystal Clear”, a tune on a completely different tip to ‘Physio’ – where ‘Physio’ is a pure dance floor destroyer, ‘Crystal Clear’ is a stripped back moody roller. Shimon is a master when it comes to sampled vocals; marry that to haunting atmospherics and chilling synth riff lines and you have the eerie tone of ‘Crystal Clear’. The simple 2 step drum pattern and crisp percussion have enough presence to crunch through the simple yet gritty filtered bass sound; this lets all the different elements drift in and out of earshot and enhance the stripped back nature of ‘Crystal Clear’.

A strong release from the Audioporn boss which will find its way into many a set around the globe. He might have been in the background pulling the strings here at Audioporn but this release shows he’s not finished making anthems yet.

Get Shimon - 'Physio', Here