One element of Audioporn’s relentless commitment to drum & bass is their ability to bring through exciting new talent alongside their more refined acts. Founded in 2007 by 170bpm pioneer Shimon, they’ve risen amongst the ranks to hold stages at the genre’s most definitive festivals, as well as releasing groundbreaking records which take pride of place across sets globally. And for their next release, burgeoning newcomer Trimer joins the label head for a single which continues to set Audioporn’s pace. ‘Scaredy Cat’ and ‘Gollum’ pull together the old-school riddims which helped lay the imprints foundations as well as a more contemporary production standard, enabling it to hold weight within today’s steeply competitive engineering levels.

Beside Shimon’s undeniable experience and command over music, Trimer brings the infamous energy he acquired DJing into the studio. A-side ‘Scaredy Cat’ is your first taste, delivering a revving bassline which grinds between each stab of sonic. Both Trimer and Shimon go for the audio jugular, never toning down their aggressive yet intricate layers of production whilst dicing the record with jungle-esque breaks. Each wave grows on the last, before the track cascades into the type of sounds which originally made drum & bass so recognized. Shimon stays true to his roots, whilst Trimer detonates his fresh signature, executing a track the way only Audioporn artists know how.

On the flipside you’re presented with ‘Gollum’, once again penetrating speakers with all-out anarchy. Subterranean bass filters through the mix, taking you deeper with every drum roll and padded kick. Crackling distortion also raises its head, underpinning the composition and allowing you to become submerged within the tracks heavy coatings. Bit by bit, ‘Gollum’ builds and then shakes your subs aggressively with its firing beats, creating images of the moodiest section of any club night. The unification of Trimer and Shimon’s skill sets add another rung within Audioporn’s already decorated discography. The label is now in its tenth year, a feat for even the most longstanding record labels and with releases of this calibre they’re here to stay for another decade. Although lead by an artist with Shimon’s history and reputation, it’s to be expected.

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