Audioporn Records

Poetry in Motion LP Sampler

Skanka ft. Benny L / Bring War ft. Shimon & Trimer



An award winning MC who’s entertained thousands on stage, Coppa is an artist in the truest sense of the word. Whether it’s his rampant, unapologetic live presence or the grimy vocal overtures he lends to each one of his records, the MC has become one of the most defining faces across drum & basses darker realms. And alongside Audioporn Records, an imprint who’s lead the independent market for over a decade, he returns with an LP which will once again solidify his place as a genre heavyweight. With help from the likes of hotly-tipped newcomer Benny L, as well as the notorious DJ and producer Trimer and revered veteran Shimon, Coppa is about to unleash the first step towards his ‘Poetry in Motion’ album onto an unsuspecting audience.

Your first introduction into the new sounds of MC Coppa is through his collaboration with Benny L, aptly named ‘Skanka’. The record is roaringly aggressive, moving forward on quickly-firing bass stabs and the moody, gruff undertones which Coppa has become renowned for. Stepping into a colossal drop which is padded by the MC’s intimidating lyricism, Benny L brings his fresh yet old-school inspired beats. ‘Skanka’ oozes with the slickness which Coppa has mastered over the entirety of his career and the addition of Benny L adds a more intense, overpowering essence. Crunching snare drums and punching bass riddims cut through the mix, giving the perfect backdrop to Coppa’s vocal layering. Coppa is back, dropping into new spheres of the 174bpm world but still coming out as part of its prime.

On the flipside, you’re introduced to the bass-weight attitude of ‘Bring War’, where Coppa delivers the heat with assistance from Shimon and Trimer. Shimon needs little introduction, standing as a resounding figure within his field and leading the charge alongside Audioporn Record’s roster. And with relative newcomer Trimer stepping up to the plate this catastrophic merging of minds has produced a sure-fire club anthem, one which will split subs all over the globe. So once again, Coppa weaves his undeniable skill, laying the groundwork for his biggest work of art to date. With Audioporn acting as his platform, his meteoric ascent is set to continue into the New Year. 

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