Audioporn Records

‘Fastest Hand’

Audioporn have lead the charge in finding the most promising newcomers throughout 2017, never hesitating to provide a platform for any talent who’s come through the ranks in recent months. And one of these artists is Arnone, a tearaway drum & bass producer who has cut further and further into a world which if often dominated by more longstanding figures. However the tides are changing and individuals like Arnone are proving they have the same aptitude and production standards as those who’ve already spent years in the game, whilst Audioporn have once again proven with this release that their A&R skillset is still as strong as ever.

Having already released on a wide ranging host of independent imprints, which has included collaborations with other heavyweight names currently pushing against the baying crowds of competition, ‘Fastest Hand’ redefines Arnone’s sound and prepares you for another year of him sitting in the driving seat. Gearing up with foreboding beat relays which slowly build into an intimidating melody, ‘Fastest Hand’ pulls you in deeper and deeper until its grinding snares create a freefalling undertow. Tinny drums then kick into play, whilst a snipped up vocal sample slams you straight into a jump-up esque breakdown. This tune was created for the dancefloor, a sure-fire set destroyer which will shake subs from one end of the European circuit to the other. Its pumping hooks snare you between each segment, becoming more and more obtuse until you’re fully enveloped by their power. Midway you’re left to catch your breath, before once again you’re punched through a second drop. Then there’s a sudden switch up, one which powers through mercilessly and leaves no prisoners.

Arnone has demonstrated how he’s able to tap into a variety of sub genres, with ‘Fastest Hand’ drawing him into clubland like never before. With the likes of Audioporn at his side, the aspiring producer will establish himself as an exciting prospect and freshen up the current musical output directed across drum & bass. Audioporn have provided him with yet another pedestal and for yet another release Arnone doesn’t disappoint. This is just the beginning.

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