Shimon & Benny L

Audioporn Records



One factor towards the success of Audioporn is their ability to draw from talents both old and new; their roster boasts some of the most exciting names to come through in recent months, as well as those who helped define drum and bass during its infancy. As a result, tracks like ‘Sharks’ have come into being, a collaboration between label head Shimon and Benny L, who cemented his reputation within the genre throughout 2017. And ‘Sharks’ also signifies a new chapter for Audioporn, with the book opening for yet another year of critical acclaim and notoriety within dance music.

However, this isn’t the first time newcomer Benny L and formidable heavyweight Shimon have teamed up on a release. They’ve already proven that the cross pollination of their signature engineering styles creates a force to be reckoned with ‘Monsters’ and now ‘Sharks’ is no different - the single pumps out a deeply cut, old-school sounding set of sonics which could be found at home within any club setting. The duo wanted to make a seismic impact on the New Year and their forthcoming output does exactly that. It’s unapologetic and rings true to the type of down-and-dirty, crisp basslines which made drum & bass so distinguishable. ‘Sharks’ is almost simplistic in its design but merges layer after layer of imposing bass riddims, firing out crushing subs from all cylinders which push the accelerator to full throttle. Shimon brings his decades of experience and game changing production standard into the mix, whilst Benny L delivers a contemporary twist on his understated yet intimidating design. Together, they’re imposing, impressive and they appeal to the dancefloor. This is exactly what Audioporn’s discography has paraded from their very first release.

With the help of artists like Shimon and Benny L, one of the independent markets most exciting imprints will continue its domination. Following over ten years of colossal releases, 2018 is set to be another game changing period for Audioporn. They’ve formed a standard for this year and ‘Sharks’ acts as a marker.

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