MC Coppa

Audioporn Records

Poetry in Motion LP Sampler 2

Much to Them ft. Current Value / Poetry in Motion ft. Madface


For over a decade, Coppa has blessed crowds with his enviable stage presence, having played across thirty countries at shows on some of the world’s biggest stages. Having co-headlined alongside the most renowned names in drum & bass, whether that’s the pioneering DJ Roni Size or technical annihilators Noisia, he has remained at the pinnacle of his game no matter what style he’s presented with. And that’s exactly what makes his ‘Poetry in Motion’ LP such a refined part of his artistic persona. It’s a representation of what Coppa has mastered over the last ten years, pulling in a range of featuring producers for an album which will once again set industry standards.

His unbridled lyrical content and energy surges through every record forthcoming on ‘Poetry in Motion’ and the next part of its promotion sees another LP sampler dropped. This time, Current Value and Madface jump on Coppa’s platform to demonstrate the range of versatility highlighted from its beginning to end. The electric force which Coppa brings to both ‘Much to Them’ and the album’s title-track ‘Poetry in Motion’ is translated from his air on stage; whether it’s Madface or Current Value, Coppa adapts their sounds and draws out something explosive.

Current Value and Coppa’s ‘Much to Them’ draws for the guns first, pushing through gradually with a reggae infused bassline, before you’re suddenly streamed through filters of bass-heavy LFO distortion and crunching drums. Current Value does what he does best, manifesting a track which is unrelenting in its dynamics and mercilessly heavy. ‘Much to Them’ orchestrates the edge which often comes with Coppa’s collaborative sets, merging a chaotic mix of straight-edged production and crooning vocals. It’s what he’s become revered for.

On the flipside, Madface and Coppa deliver ‘Poetry in Motion’, a lighter touch to the sampler’s darker hue and it encapsulates what it’s about: cementing together the elements of drum & bass which made Coppa’s career thrive. Once again given a rostrum by Audioporn, Coppa is here to dominate 2018 and expand on the successes of his first critical releases.

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