On first look at Coppa’s ‘Poetry in Motion’ LP, the amount of collaborative artists featured on its track listing is intimidating. Although this can only be expected from an artist who’s spent his time across the full spectrum of drum & bass, whilst playing a host of festival stages and shows worldwide. Primarily though, he’s dedicated himself to the music, which has seen him garner a fan base within his own right, always pushing the boundaries of what it’s meant to be an MC and a multi-faceted artist within one of dance music’s most innovative scenes. And his forthcoming album is a reflection of that, bringing on board a range of cutting-edge talent for an LP which fully encompasses its every corner.


From the singles already released in the album’s lead up, such as the merging of Coppa and burgeoning newcomer Benny L, hard lined engineer Current Value, emotive stalwart Madface and genre dons Shimon & Trimer, each record offered through ‘Poetry in Motion’ gives a platform to another groundbreaking act. Whether that’s the finely tuned tech of Dexcell’s ‘Reasons to Survive’ or the jerking compositions of Bassbrothers’ ‘Rhino’, there’s a clear pedestal for diversity. Nymfo & Zerozero join the fray for the thumping undertones of ‘Brainwashed’, whilst NCT’s female-lead vocal crescendos and Coppa’s harsh lyricism adds a softer hue. ‘Architects’ from Alibi nods to the crunching snares and rattling percussion of the underground and Coppa & Kolt’s ‘Acid’ lends itself to stamping distortion. Even midway, it’s a powerful selection of music.


Malaky brings eastern atmospherics to the thumping drums of ‘Gemini’ and on the other end of the soundscape presented by the album is Jess’ dainty voice laid against Gydra’s old-school imaginings. And then comes the peppered breaks sprayed across ‘Pirate Beats’, which includes Saxxon to the weighty list of producer additions. L33 and Future Kid’s ‘Congo’ adds another dimension to the signature L33 is known for, whilst merging the talents of both Future Kid and Coppa. Then finally, High Maintenance drives synth layered breakdowns across ‘Anything’ and Muffler wraps up the album alongside ‘Aurora’, which draws out on fragrant note arpeggios. It’s a work of art which epitomises Coppa’s contribution to the scene. One which has stood the test of time and which will continue to do so after the release of ‘Poetry in Motion’, due to the passion seeping from its every musical crevice.

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