Following monumental releases from the likes of High Maintenance and MC Coppa, which have already solidified Audioporn’s 2018 success three months into the New Year, they return with yet another curveball. The label prides itself in not only delivering the very best drum & bass has to offer within its underground segments, but also presents the versatility which has been bred by imprints of the same calibre. This is something which can be seen throughout their last batch of releases and it’s down to the historic A&R of Audioporn label head Shimon, who’s remained at its centre since its very first release.

And for their next output, Jayline steps forward with forthcoming single ‘I Wonder / Meant For Me’, proving the accomplished DJ and producer is still building on his already groundbreaking reputation. His international touring acclaim has seen him detonate cuts across Europe and the US, having made his mark across the Atlantic and continuing to do so even after working extensively in the studio. ‘I Wonder / Meant For Me’ will cause just as much damage as his back catalogue, once again providing the pivotal sounds which have made Jayline such a notorious figure, both on the decks and within the realms of production.

For the single’s A-side, you’re brought into the slick riddims of ‘I Wonder’, a track which begins with a tip-toeing introduction before it slams on the gears. ‘I Wonder’ features a foreboding vocal sample which draws you through the track’s almighty drop, right down into its depths with shaking, bass-heavy levels of distortion and crashing snares. ‘Meant For Me’ again manifests a gradual build which weaves you through patterns of looping drums, before its bassline suddenly grabs hold. Meandering its way across the mix, it pushes its impact throughout every segment and alludes to just how devastating this will prove to be on the dancefloor. Both tracks draw out Jayline’s unforgiving production standard, one which is both biting and meticulously woven. That’s why Audioporn were so keen to have him within their ranks. They push the same ethos into each one of their releases.

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