Inarguably one of the most compelling forces on the drum and bass scene, Shimon has been breaking musical boundaries for over twenty years. His incredible skills immediately caught the attention of the scene’s greats, where he’d go on to produce a selection of the genres most renowned masterworks including. He quickly rose to become an indispensable member of drum & bass – finally launching his own imprint AudioPorn over a decade later.


AudioPorn has so far been responsible for an array of exciting collaborations, and has recruited groundbreaking creatives from Benny L and Hybrid Minds to Camo & Krooked. Its latest release sees Shimon teamed up with London-based DJ and producer Trimer, an artist who’s astounded crowds at the Ministry of Sound super-club, and dominated the stage at Prague’s iconic Let it Roll festival… Now he makes up part of the driving force behind this brand new, innovational four-track EP.


‘The Killers’ EP combines deep, dark basslines with sharp, gripping beats, showcasing the pair’s creative flair and individual styles which are equally as cutting edge.


The title-track ‘Killers’ entire soundscape is underpinned by the harsh strikes that are so characteristic of the selection – it exposes with dark underbelly of AudioPorn, something the EP clearly set out to achieve.


Superb sound design has enabled the brilliantly bizarre audio effects, throbbing subs and crisp, percussive foundations of ‘Giant Locust’. They perfectly match the theme of the tune’s eerie narrative; a perfect demonstration of the duo’s impeccable technical prowess. The unbreakable, explosive energy is infectious. A slow, evocative build-up, punctuated by sinister vocals gives way to a bouncing, high-powered melody and it adds another explosive offering on ‘The Killers’ EP.


Then the Double Dragon’: a gently bubbling opening moves us steadily in towards its main body, characterized by twisted bass and a powerful, rolling core.


The talent of Pastry Maker lends itself brilliantly to ‘The Killers’ fourth and final track ‘Take Position’. Steady hits, juddering tones and searing synth form the crescendo of an awe-inspiring musical journey, ensuring that the EP goes out with a bang. AudioPorn once again deliver the heat whilst exploring their roster’s diversity.


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