For Audioporn’s next release, underground stalwart Sub Zero has his take on the formidable collaboration ‘Monsters’ between label head Shimon and Benny L. Released in 2016, the single was one of many monumental climbs for Benny L, signalling the start of a career which would become one of the most coveted within drum & bass. This campaign was spearheaded by Audioporn’s head honcho, Shimon, who has prided himself over decades in bringing forward cutting edge talent from throughout the dance music spectrum. This skills for spotting emerging newcomers can be seen through the ascent of Benny L’s journey, one which is continuing to this day.

Sub Zero’s earlier rise to fame followed a similar path. The jump-up connoisseur began within the darker trenches of drum & bass, but has since branched out, with his no holds barred sets and raucous productions grabbing the attention of many scene tastemakers. It comes as no surprise that Shimon would ask him to deliver a brand new rework of ‘Monsters’, a record which has already done damage across the clubsphere since it was first unleashed onto Audioporn’s unsuspecting fanbase. And this is something which will persist, although it’ll do so through the perspective of Sub Zero. Whilst paying homage to the cut throat style which Shimon and Benny L have made their signature, he also pushes it through the cookie-cutter shape which has made him so sought after as both an artist and DJ.

Monsters’ is given another face, one which still snaps between its meticulously fashioned break, but rolls through with the crunching production style which makes Sub Zero so recognisable within his more contemporary productions. For the first segment, Sub Zero takes you to a depth which was opened up by the original, with a subterranean bassline driving his takeover. During the latter half, Sub Zero utilises the quaking metallic percussion and stepping pads to draw you even further into the mix. It’s another astounding delivery from both Audioporn and Sub Zero; Each party remaining as groundbreaking as they have been from the start.


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