The story of AudioPorn began when imperative drum & bass figure Shimon decided to create a stage to support the music which has remained at the pinnacle of his inspiration as an artist. After becoming a defining part of the genre’s explosion in the nineties, he decided to expand his scope with an imprint which has brought through some of its most memorable talent over the last decade. And their forthcoming LP features a huge variety of producers who have enabled Audioporn to become the power house it is today. With already well-loved releases as well as exclusive remixes from long-time label collaborators, AudioPorn hold up a trophy cabinet of tracks which exemplify their influence over the last ten years.

Including already established names such as the significant production outfit Ram Trilogy, Austrian stalwarts Camo & Krooked, The Prototypes, Mainframe pioneer Disaszt and gifted lyricist MC Coppa, there’s a range of artists who each bring their own individual capabilities to deliver a groundbreaking overview of what AudioPorn represents. Shimon even makes a welcome appearance alongside Modified Motion with ‘Killing Spree’ and Ram Trilogy’s ‘Asylum’, giving an insight to the raucous production standard which has made Shimon such a formidable force both behind the decks and in the studio.

There’s also a new generation of drum & bass producers who make their claim on AudioPorn’s sound throughout the ‘Ten Years of AudioPorn’ compilation. One track which stands out is the collaboration between Dub FX and Benny L ‘Warm’ – released in 2016, it stands as a defining moment for AudioPorn and one of the genre’s hottest acts. ‘Small Talk’ from Nvrsoft is also highlights the label’s constant exploration of dance music and how they keep up with contemporary trends. It’s a half time stomper and a record that signifies a bright career for the newcomer. In the same vein, the ricocheting bassline of Leaf’s ‘Tell Dem’ offers another massive feat for a blossoming producer. Then liquid connoisseur Aperio follows the new era trend with ‘Control’. Yet this is just a small snapshot into the range of musicality which AudioPorn opens you up to; not only does it show the importance of their artist roster, but you’re made aware of how central their place has been in dance music over the last ten years. On reflection, it’s a stunning work of art for a label who’ve remained in control, setting themselves a place at the table a decade ago.

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