Stalwart drum & bass producer Trex is a veteran when it comes to many of the drum & bass labels which are currently shaping the genre’s landscape. Already gracing the discographies of imprints such as Mac2, Dreamers, Chronic, Lockdown, Ingredients, Flexout Audio and Blendits, he’s had his music showcased across a wide variety of podiums, many of which are longstanding members of the community. Which is why his next release on Audioporn will come as little surprise to the wider scene; Audioporn have prided themselves with discovering many of the talented producers who are currently dominating the online charts, including names like Benny L. Although from a label run by Shimon, one of the most notorious figures within drum & bass due to his resounding influence throughout its history, it can only be expected that Audioporn would be leading the charge when it’s come to its modern-day changes.

And Trex’s forthcoming EP on Audioporn is no exception, with the London based producer, who’s received support from a host of mainstay names, including Noisia, High Contrast, DJ Marky, DJ Hype, Andy C and Randall, making his impact felt throughout the catalogue of Audioporn. Following his monumental ‘High Time’ LP on Mac2Recordings, Trex’s forthcoming ‘Screen Time’ EP is a return to form.

The lead track ‘Screen Time’ is a low-end, rumbling tune which is sure to cause the upmost damage on impact. ‘Escape from Shaolin’ is just as destructive and it’s a record which grits its teeth and bites with every sonic slab of bass and crushing layers between every sixteen bars. ‘How Things Are’ comes next and it continues this trend; its destructive with each thumping drum sequence punching into the next, with the track becoming almost overbearing as it breaks. ‘Days are Numbered’ draws the EP to a close and it gives you a final look into what Trex has offered Audioporn. ‘Days Are Numbered’ begins on a slightly different level, with old school melodies coming into play, before once again you’re taken down one of Trex’s rhythmic explosions. All-in, it’s another exciting delivery from Trex. One finely honed within the ranks of Audioporn.

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