Benny L is not just one of the biggest names to come from drum & bass in recent years, but also dance music, having amassed enough sales of his coveted John Holt rework to hit the number one spot across the entire Beatport making Benny L the first dnb act in history to do so.

Since being first discovered by pivotal figure Shimon at Audioporn, an imprint which has a history in leading the electronic community, he’s widely recognised as the face of the genre’s contemporary scene. Following the release of ‘Vanta Black’ on Metalheadz, which circulated global spaces as a renowned dubplate before its release, Benny L is about to unveil his first album single ‘Pictures’.

Once again returning to Audioporn, he visits a signature which has made him a driving force. He recently announced his debut ‘Reactions’ LP with an international touring schedule, something which has since heighted the anticipation around its release. And with him set to unleash ‘Pictures’ with Audioporn as a platform, it’s looking to be yet another ground-breaking chapter in the career of Benny L.

The lyrical prowess of Pastry Maker seeps into the mix of ‘Pictures’ and he brings his live energy into Benny L’s expert production. Having toured globally with both Benny L and Shimon, Pastry Maker won’t be a stranger to their vast fan base, with his face fronting many of their DJ sets and live radio performances. His word play melts into the creeping atmospherics of the track’s intro and before long the rolling bass notes, known as a key part of Benny’s production, make themselves known through low, shaking subs. This is the first insight into what Benny L has in store for his next venture and it’s an intimidating one. He stays true to the style which has made him infamous; this is something which fans will be waiting for, ensuring the success of its coming release, with the added help of a behemoth like Audioporn.

Get Benny L - The Pictures Ft Pastry Maker here