Audioporn have always stayed ahead of the tide, something which reflects in the artists they’ve welcomed into their roster. In such a short space of time, they’ve made a real impact on the wider world of drum & bass, becoming one of the most notable parts of the genre through giving producers such as Benny L and Gino a platform to release their taste making cuts. Led by Shimon, a figure that’s had his own expansive history within drum & bass as part of Ram Records and the Ram Trilogy project, the label has stood on the forefront for over a decade and it’s easy to see how.

For their next release they follow the same path, bringing through yet another newcomer whose name has become even more notable since releasing on the Audioporn moniker. Beginning his path as a notorious DJ, Trimer was a fan favourite, coming through the old-school way before releasing his own sonic art. After an array of top tier collaborations, including tracks with label head Shimon, his next output will be another solo release.

‘Space Flight’ translates the high-energy he boasts from his live performances into his musical weaponry.  It’s the next part of Trimer’s ascent and despite its chaos, the track has been finely honed, demonstrating why Trimer was biding his time before releasing what he’d been crafting in his studio. Alongside its sci-fi inspired intro, climatic breakdown and rolling levels of bass, Trimer transports you to his soundscape and it’s one which is fully enveloping. Each wavering bass note builds one onto the next until you’re left with a track that demonstrates an enviable weight. With the track’s artwork representing the man himself, it gives more of an insight into who Trimer is for a new audience and with the help of his music, he’s sure to become yet another favourite within the Audioporn roster.

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