Audioporn Records, often heralded as a home for emerging talent and boasting the likes of Gino, Benny L, and Trimer, are about to drop another heavyweight package from a newcomer producer. The ‘Warp EP’ from Leaf is his second release with Audoporn, having already debuted as part of their ‘10 Years of Audioporn LP’ at the end of 2018 and his track ‘Tell Dem’ highlights why he came under their radar.


Since his last output, Leaf has been busily expanding his catalogue with selections on Sub-liminal Recordings, Murky Digital, Jungle Cakes as well as more pivotal underground imprints. With each track he’s entrenched himself deeper and deeper into the drum and bass fabric and he’s continuing to demonstrate what he has to offer through his next output on Audioporn.


With the ‘Warp EP’ coming to Audioporn, Leaf presents his vast capabilities, all loaded with a grizzling sub-bass which is set to shake the floors. Title-track ‘Warp’ is first to take the spotlight with its experimental half-time entry before swirling you into rafts of its metallic cries. With such an intimidating name, ‘Murderer’ is next to lay down its foundations. From the dark path of its introduction, you’re quickly enveloped into switches of throbbing bass - aiding you with an energetic bounce to your step, helping you to escape its grasp. ‘Babylon Flex’ gives off a true underground feeling with its electrifying bass ripples, a suited to Audioporn’s catalogue. Then finally comes ‘Cosmic Ting’, a cut set to send shockwaves across the galaxy straight from the club speakers, amongst its carefully composed atmospherics.


With a warm welcome back to Audioporn, Leaf has shown a masterclass of production through his bass tingling EP ‘Warp’. Although with the reputation of Audiporn, that’s surely not the end of it. There is still so much more rumble to come from both the producer and Audioporn as an imprint.

Get Leaf - 'Warp EP', here