‘Blood & Snares’

Audioporn Records


‘Blood & Snares’ is an apt EP title for Gino’s forthcoming release on the esteemed Audioporn Records imprint. After making a name for himself on the label, which was led to success by drum & bass forefather Shimon, he’s become a staple of line ups worldwide. He came under Shimon’s radar after his eclectic mix of jump up and dancefloor styles caught the attention of both tastemakers and audiences alike, with the producer soon being hailed as one of the defining faces within the new wave of producers breaking through. And since his first tracks on Mampi Swift’s Charge Recordings and Audioporn, he’s followed these with a slew of new releases that have only gone on to strengthen his profile.

The first track out of four brand new selections, ‘The Future’, alluding to what Gino stands for amongst the vast amount of drum & bass now available to every listener.  Fast and heavy, ‘The Future’ is a statement, one which gradually comes into play with an epic introduction. Coming through next in quick succession is ‘Come Back’, just as jaunty as its predecessor with every slab of distorted bass. Gino isn’t afraid to go for the jugular and this is instantly clear as the cut progresses.

‘GD2’ continues Gino’s relentlessness and he does so with the upmost precision, boasting a production standard that builds level after level with every delivery. Its wiggling bassline cuts straight through its core, zipping between frequencies before you’re dropped into the deep. Wrapping up the EP is ‘A Girl’, this sits on top of a hook which slices its way across its composition. You’re taken along for the ride throughout the track’s journey and thumping drum patterns highlight the signature which ruminates underneath all of Gino’s productions

Each track signals what else is to come from Gino. He’s an artist who’s growing into his own, with this forthcoming EP just highlighting another step in his evolving artistry.

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