Audioporn Records are about to drop one of their biggest releases to date, spearheaded by Benny L and pulled together by a label team which has crafted a drum & bass story for the ages. The discovery of Benny L by Audioporn’s label head Shimon resulted in the label providing a platform for an artist of the decade, who has consistently proven his weight against veteran producers and played stages across the world, debuting his beats to crowds of thousands. The announcement of his first ever album has drawn anticipation around its release and as it draws closer, with a string of singles in its wake, Benny L is about to dominate 2020 with a slew of brand new dubplates.

‘Naughty Bastards’ is a fresh cut which stands as the final part of the singles leading up to the full album release. It has the tell-tale Benny L, rolling bassline which has ignited a string of copy-cats, something which has been shaping the contemporary market. It’s dark, moody and the type of track which is easily identifiable as Benny L’s; he takes on his signature and moulds it through a production standard which is unmissably his. With tinny, minimalistic percussion and atmospherics which begin the track’s brooding tones, this is something which carries into ‘Naughty Bastards’ until its first rattling breakdown. Like a pinball the bass zaps across the mix and bit by bit Benny ramps up the intensity. This is a certified club track, one which will soon become an invasive part of every DJ set following its release.

From his seminal ‘Police in a Helicopter’ remix (that hit number one on the entirety of Beatport), through to his ‘Vanta Black’ release on Metalheadz, Benny L has made his mark on the genre in a less than a few years. Guided by an imperative name like Shimon, one of the pillars of drum & bass, this debut album is geared to be a monumental part of dance music’s discography.

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