The sounds of Gino, including tracks which provided the soundtrack to his burgeoning career, have infiltrated dancefloors across the globe. Through Audioporn and Charge Recordings he has become part of the talented new wave currently making their mark whilst establishing dominance in set lists, providing fans with unforgiving drum & bass cuts. And Audioporn marks the continuation of this ascent with Gino’s brand new single ‘Say Things’, a return to the warbling, bass-heavy anthems which make Audioporn such a buy-on-sight platform for many DJs and listeners.

Gino isn’t afraid to use his technical skills for serious club orientated vibes and it’s the cut-throat parts of Gino’s offerings which have caused him to become a renowned name, from London to Prague. Despite being inherently underground, ‘Say Things’ makes its point through crackling LFOs and punchy sub bass, the type which slices through the record like a blade. The bassline dips and dives through the percussion of the track’s skeleton; you’re taken down into Gino’s murky depths and you’re never allowed up for air throughout the entirety of ‘Say Things’. With an ominous first drop which continues until it the record comes into its moody finish, Gino has made a comeback on alongside one of his biggest selections yet.

Once more making his presence felt on Audioporn, Gino bares his teeth and unleashes another slapping single on the imprint. It transports its audience into the spaces they so desperately miss right now, and Gino helps inject the same energy into a digital format. ‘Say Things’ is another taster of what’s to come from Gino’s growing influence.


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