Trimer and Gino have become two of the most notable heads making their mark on Shimon’s Audioporn. They’ve spent years creating a space for themselves and in doing so, have not only pushed their own careers, but have also elevated the label through each cutting-edge release they’ve delivered through the platform. This continues with their forthcoming single, hand picked by Shimon and debuting their raucous sounds once more, proving they are still very much a formidable part of Audioporn’s roster within 2021.

Surprise’ takes you on a rollercoaster of thudding bass tones and guttural atmospherics, which is in no way shocking for anyone who is familiar with each producer’s aggressive stylistic features. The track ducks and dives between each slamming drum break and before long you’re taken into a seismic drop. Gino and Trimer do what they do best and provide a jump-up flavoured record which has already been hitting crowds full throttle since clubs re opened earlier this year. On the flipside, ‘Order Cancelled’ does just as much damage. Zipping between tinny drum flexes and jagged LFOs, it’s another example of Gino and Trimer showing they are a force to be reckoned with.

Surprise’ and ‘Order Cancelled’ are two more tracks which signal why Audioporn is such a buy-on-sight label, and why it has been for quite some time now. Over ten years in the game and spearheaded by one of the most notable figures to come through the genre, it still manages to unleash records which do the upmost damage on dancefloors. And their next reveal from Trimer and Gino continues this trend alongside a vibe they’re renowned for.


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