Trex - Lean Time [APORN0106]
Trex - Lean Time [APORN0106]


‘Lean Time’

Audioporn Records



Only three months into 2022 and Audioporn have already set their pace for the remainder of the year. Their ‘Big Dutty O!’ EP from Leaf kicked off proceedings, something which is being followed by the slamming new single from Trex Lean Time’. For over a decade the imprint has committed to building its roster, with artists like Trex and Leaf only making their catalog stronger alongside every release. Spearheading the careers of producers such as Benny L, Gino and Trimer, they’re also a platform responsible for helping to infiltrate the rest of the drum & bass ecosystem through the artists they help nurture and their music. But this time with Trex taking the reins, a veteran and someone who’s a staple across the UK circuit, his forthcoming single pays homage to Audioporn’s old-school underlay.


Trex goes for the jugular with the cut’s thumping kicks, which push through the layers of ‘Lean Time’ as its patches of percussion and scuttling hi-hats juxtapose its weighty drum peddles. Trex does what he does best as the record drops into throbbing sub bass, which rattles through to the core of ‘Lean Time’, creating a certified club destroyer. ‘Lean Time’ will certainly devastate dancefloors this forthcoming spring and proves how Trex is able to make an impact without selling out his underground appeal.


Audioporn have once again delivered the goods and through Trex, highlight how they are still able to tap into the sounds which helped engineer its creation. With legendary drum & bass figure Shimon still sitting at the helm, Audioporn is looking to break into another successful year as venues continue to open across Europe.




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