Tali - Dark Days, High Nights LP
Tali - Dark Days, High Nights LP

MC, songwriter, global superstar and one of only a handful of female artists to take on the male dominated world of drum and bass and not only win respect but to continue to carve a path for the next wave of female artists, Tali is an inspirational innovator whose live performances and incredible body of recorded works mark her out as one the most original and exciting talents in dance music today.

Having originally got her break by MCing into Roni Size’s ear in packed club, Tali has gone on to conquer not only drum and bass (winning ‘Best Female MC’ at the national drum and bass awards every year since 2008) but also the charts (with ‘Lyric On My Lip’ hitting the top 40, earning her a slot on Jo Whiley’s live lounge). Without doubt one of the most recognisable voices in DnB, her talents have taken her on countless world tours playing on every continent, from sweaty backrooms to arenas and festivals.

Her sophomore album, ‘Dark Days, High Nights’ showcases not only the higher BPM’s that made her name, but having honed her skills in multi genre sets over the last few years, also showcases Tali’s lyrical dexterity across the tempo range. The production is handled by a roll call of Tali’s favourite producers from around the world, and with a contacts book as strong as Tali’s, it’s no surprise that the collaborators on part one of the album include heavy A-List hitters such as Shimon, Benny Page and Ed Rush alongside the crème of the new school such as Dirtyphonics, Dodge & Fuski and SKisM.

Tali - Dark Days, High Nights LP by AudioPorn Records

In addition, part two of ‘Dark Days, High Nights’ showcases live acoustic reinterpretations of seven of the tracks from the album, with the stripped back reworkings showing not only the raw soul and versatility of Tali’s voice, but also the strength of the songs themselves. This addition to the main album was recorded alongside More Like Trees, Christoph Bauschinger, Collette Warren and Amari MC with production overseen my Ram Trilogy legend Ant Miles.

The album is released on Shimon’s much hyped AudioPorn Records, which after little over 10 releases, has become one of the most talked about labels in drum and bass, dubstep and beyond with releases from the likes of Dirtyphonics, Xilent, Camo & Krooked, Shimon, Ram Trilogy, and of course Tali herself.

‘Dark Days, High Nights’ will be released on CD and digital download in two parts. Part one features twelve brand new tracks, with production from some of the world’s most exciting talents in dance. Part two features seven live acoustic interpretations of tracks from the album, recorded by Ant Miles. In addition, limited edition vinyl singles featuring the biggest dancefloor tracks from the album will be made available around release.

Tali - ‘Dark Days, High Nights’
Label: AudioPorn Records
Format: CD and Download
Cat no: APORN014PT1 / APORN014PT2
(Live Album)
Release: 19th September 2011

Dark Days, High Nights
01. Tali vs SKisM & Do The Math - 'Signs'
02. Tali vs Dirtyphonics - 'Lost In The Game'
03. Tali vs Lynx & Malibu Rhodes - 'Who Can Say?' (feat. DRS)
04. Tali vs Ed Rush - 'Dark Days'
05. Tali vs Benny Page - 'Turn It Up'
06. Tali vs Noisses' - Set Me Free'
07. Tali vs Lynx & Malibu Rhodes - 'Cold Hearted Soul' (feat. Amari MC)
08. Tali vs Shimon - 'Get Out'
09. Tali vs Atlantic Connection - 'Love Runs Deep'
10. Tali vs Fourward - 'Facing Forwards'
11. Tali vs Shimon - 'Into the Deep'
12. Tali vs Dodge & Fuski - 'Take A Chance'

Dark Days, High Nights - The Live Album With More Like Trees
01. 'Cold Hearted Soul' feat. Amari MC.
02. 'Lost In The Game'
03. 'Take A Chance'
04. 'Facing Forwards'
05. 'Into The Deep'
06. 'Set Me Free' feat. Collette Warren.
07. 'Dark Days'

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