Xilent - Skyward EP [APORN017]
Xilent - Skyward EP [APORN017]

After a groundbreaking year in 2011, Xilent continues to build his reputation as one the most exciting producers in electronic music with the epic ‘Skyward EP’ on Audioporn Records.

After co-signing to two of the most respected labels in the industry, Audioporn Records and Mainframe Recordings, Xilent’s incredible ‘Choose Me EP’ was met with huge success. Racking up over 1.4 million views on YouTube and support by countless DJ’s, the dubstep anthem ‘Choose Me II’ has become a staple of dancefloors worldwide since its release, and a watershed in Xilent’s short, prolific career. After making a huge splash with his debut EP several high profile remixes followed, including J Majik & Wickaman - ‘In Pieces’, Fuzzy Logic - ‘All My Love’, Yogi - ‘Follow U’, and ‘End Of The World’ by Alex Metric. Despite his huge success with huge anthemic Dubstep, Xilent has continued to produce hard-hitting Drum and Bass, with the underground hit, ‘Evolutions Per Minute’ dropping recently on Mainframe Recordings.

Now Xilent looks set to concrete his meteoric success with the release of the ‘Skyward EP’ on Shimon’s Audioporn Records. Featuring a blend of gritty Drum and Bass and epic Dubstep, the ‘Skyward EP’ boasts the production talents of Xilent combined with the lyrical force of Skyflake, and the first lady of Drum and Bass, Tali.

Skyward I [Drum&Bass version] by Xilent

‘Skyward II’ (Dubstep)

The title track of the EP is already dubbed as one of the biggest melodic Dubstep tracks of the year. Beginning with soaring vocals and epic synths, ‘Skyward II’ turns into an anthemic Dubstep number, with soaring synths, uplifting glitchy vocals and intricate melodies all working together. Taking the reins were ‘Choose Me II’ left off, ‘Skyward II’ is another epic offering from Xilent.

‘Skyward I’ (Drum & Bass)

‘Skyward I’ takes all the atmosphere and melody and of the Dubstep ‘Skyward II’, and transforms it into an energetic Neurofunk track that will no doubt find its way into many a record bag. A great example of Xilent’s groundbreaking DnB style, Skyward I is a patchwork of futuristic beats, synths and snippets, resulting in another classic, this time at 174.

‘For Once (feat. Skyflake)’ (Dubstep)

‘For Once’ sees Xilent back on Dubstep duty, with another slice of tasteful, melodic Dubstep. Beginning with a chilled introduction featuring the angelic vocals of Skyflake, ‘For Once’ builds into another epic number. Featuring uplifting synths, hard hitting drums and the precise attention to detail that marks Xilent out as one of the most intricate producers around, ‘For Once’ is once again a lesson in melodic dubstep.

‘Gravity (feat. Tali)’ (Dubstep)

‘Gravity’ sees Xilent team up with Tali, fresh off her ‘Dark Days, High Nights’ LP for an exciting collaborations. Featuring a catchy bassline, combined with Xilent’s intricate style and the infectious, melodic hooks of Tali, ‘Gravity’ is an example of what happens when two artists at the top of their game come together. A tour de force of epic production from Xilent and deft wordplay from the first lady of Drum and Bass, ‘Gravity’ is sure to be yet another dancefloor regular.

‘The Skyward EP’
1. ‘Skyward II’
2. ‘Skyward I’
3. ‘For Once (feat. Skyflake)’
4. ‘Gravity (feat. Tali)’

Label: Audioporn Records
Cat. APORN017
Format: Digital Download
Released: 5th December 2011

Xilent Management: Shimon Alcoby (shimon@audiopornrecords.com)
Press Contact: Tim @ Audioporn (tim@audiopornrecords.com)