Mediks - Outbreak EP [APORN021]
Mediks - Outbreak EP [APORN021]

Coming off the rolling liquid drum and bass EP from Hybrid Minds, Audioporn returns with a completely different release and yet again refuse to be defined by one niche sound or genre. Audioporn now introduce Mediks, a sick trio of producers ready to spread their adrenaline packed take on electronic dance music. Based in Bristol, Mediks combine the speed of DnB with the heavyweight bass of dubstep with truly alarming results. Featuring, the funky ‘Outbreak’, fast-paced ‘Nightmare’, soulful ‘Blown Away’ and rowdy ‘Doomsday’, Mediks are ready to revive DnB, and spread their unique brand of infectious musical chaos.

Mediks kick off their debut release on Audioporn with the contagious ‘Outbreak’. Featuring a cinematic introduction filled with alarms and the dulcet tones of the undead, ‘Outbreak’ shows off the cheeky, innovative flair of the fresh new production trio. Boasting an infectious melody coupled with aggressive synths, detailed sound effects and a funky swingbeat, ‘Outbreak’ is the perfect introduction to the Mediks sound.

‘Nightmare’ begins with an even more epic introduction, featuring haunting choral vocals, thunder and the stuff of fear itself. After a building drum beat, the track launches into a low, down and gritty DnB number. Combining filthy bass with soaring synths and vintage samples, Mediks fuse a haunting atmosphere with equally scary basslines. One sure to generate an electrifying atmosphere on the dancefloor.

‘Blown Away (feat. Astronaut)’    
Mediks show their versatility with the silky smooth vocal number, ‘Blown Away’. Featuring a summery introduction with acoustic strumming, Mediks roll out the feel-good vibes with a sweet sing-along vocal and soulful melodies. A refreshing liquid track with airy synths, crisp melodies and slick drums as well as a pulsing bass, ‘Blown Away’ reveals the healing side of Mediks.

Mediks round off their impressive debut with the disruptive, ‘Doomsday’. After a post-apocalyptic introduction, ‘Doomsday’ builds into an adrenaline filled drum and bass track. Featuring a variety of unruly, morphing synths, disorderly sound effects and a boisterous bassline, ‘Doomsday’ sees Mediks push things to the very limit with a track made for destroying the dancefloor.  

1. ‘Outbreak’
2. ‘Nightmare’
3. ‘Blown Away’ ft. Astronaut
4. ‘Doomsday’

Label: Audioporn Records
Cat # APORN021
Genre: Drum and Bass
Released: 16th April 2012

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