Dilemn MiniMix & Interview
Dilemn MiniMix & Interview


We've got a special treat in store for you! After the success of his debut on AudioPorn, we thought it only right to get the French maestro himself on board to provide the Talk About Us Minimix, free to download and featuring all 5 tracks from the EP:

1. Watts Of Funkin
2. Two Points
3. Talk About Us Ft. Ayah Marar
4. Kill The Nation
5. Afraid Of Change

A colourful and painstakingly detailed layer of sounds that waver on the brink of perplexed amalgamation without losing sense of that all important funk, the EP offers a simultaneous danger and optimism that flirts with classic French House vibes.

AudioPorn's latest recruit Dilemn talks influences and production technique following on from the release of his glowing debut on the label, the Talk About Us EP. Featuring the vocal talent of songstress de jour Ayah Marar, the EP's colourful energy serves as a snapshot of Dilemn old and new, as the producer marries the French-House playfulness of which he has built his career thus far, with contemporary bite in a succession of varied tempos.

Greetings Dilemn! What does 2012 have in store for you?

Hey! There are some big projects coming from me this year, i'll be releasing my forthcoming "Talk About Us" EP on AudioPorn Records featuring the title track 'Talk About Us' with Ayah Marar (who needs no introduction) on vocals, 3 Dubstep tracks in the form of 'Watts Of Funkin,' 'Two Points' & 'Afraid Of Change', and one Electro House track, 'Kill The Nation.' I've tried not to depart too much from my earlier Electro House influences as this is what I have built my fanbase and career on so far, but I've also incorporated other genres like Nu-School Breaks and Drum & Bass. I have a lot of varied tracks on my computer that will hopefully see a release one day!

Tell us a little about yourself: how did you get into producing?

I began creating music when i was about 6, starting with classical piano training which I continued for about 14 years; I also began using a drum kit from age 9 as I wasn't strong enough to hit drums very loud before haha. At 18 I began a music technology degree which wasn't particularly a success, and at the same time I started going to raves which opened my eyes to what I wanted to do with my life. So from then on I slowly built up a collection of equipment, some drum machines and synths, then a computer which offered me a lot of new possibilities. It's been more than 10 years since I started and I never see the end of the tunnel, I always find new things, new ways to work, new sounds, textures etc. The possibilities are infinite!

What would you say are the 5 albums that have influenced your career?

Chemical Brothers - Dig Your Own Hole
Amon Tobin - Permutation
Prodigy - The Fat of the Land
Wu Tang Clan - Enter the Wu Tang (36 Chambers)
Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine

Tell us about your energetic live sets, how would they differ from a normal DJ set? You and fellow AudioPorn artist Youthstar make a great team…

Yeah, I play out with 2 different configs at the moment. When I began DJing I only played my own productions with drum machines and synths, now I've moved onto a laptop setup with a midi controller. But for about a year Youthstar and I been touring France with more of a “Live” feel, with Dj LigOne (World DMC Champion 2010) and Vj Zero in charge of the wonderful video mapping on our sets. So it's a different way to see the scene, I'm not alone behind my laptop :)

Your sound takes influence from French House, 80’s pop, contemporary Dubstep to name a few… What can we expect from your forthcoming EP on AudioPorn?

I like branching out into different styles, exploring all possibilities we can find in electronic music. I'll never confine myself to just one style, it permits me to show the different faces of my music. The 'Talk About Us' EP contains a lot more Dubstep than I usually make, and it's been more than a year since i started working and reworking them enough to make them releasable. Initial feedback from the EP has of course encouraged the haters who prefer my Electro House, and that Dubstep is 'fashionable', but I always produced using many different styles: Trip Hop, Electro House, Drum'n Bass, even if it didn't all see a release. I used to make a lot of Breakbeat and I guess that the Dubstep and Drumstep worlds are not too far off that. So it was normal for me to try this style to see what I could do.

For the budding producers out there, what sort of software or hardware do you use when you create music?

I use an assortment of both: hardware synths like Virus C, Moog Voyager, Se1x, and my main sequencer is Cubase with Ableton in rewire mode, with many VST's like Albino and Massive. Plus many more for EQ'ing, compression, it would be impossible to list them all.

If you could collaborate with any artist (alive or dead) who would it be and why?

Mmm, why not Stevie Wonder, or maybe a collab with Zack de La Rocha!

Finally, tell us about your favourite festival gig so far?

I don't know if it's my favourite ever, but maybe one of the nicest places I've ever been to: recently we did a gig in front of a castle in Perpignan called “Palace of Majorca's Kings”. That was so strange but amazing to DJ with this interesting balance of historical culture and young drunk people!