Fourward - All That Matters [APORN024]
Fourward - All That Matters [APORN024]

One of the hottest properties on the drum and bass radar, Fourward are already known for their unique, original sound. Marrying elements of Neurofunk and tech step with a multitude of other influences, it’s no wonder the Austrian four-piece were signed to Audioporn Records – a label known for pushing boundaries. Ever since their Audioporn debut on Tali’s ‘Facing Forwards’, Fourward have established themselves as one of Austria’s finest imports. With huge releases on labels such as Virus, Trust In Music, and Mainframe Recordings, along with a recent remix for Camo & Krooked’s ‘Between The Lines’ remix album on Hospital Records, Fourward have worked with the best in the business, gaining legions of fans in the process.

Now the Austrian supergroup are ready to unleash the power of four on their latest salvo of bass music on Audioporn Records. Featuring five tracks of varied, high quality electronic music ‘All That Matters’ sees Fourward show more sides to their creative vision.

‘All That Matters’
Beginning with a cheeky introduction and rave friendly build up, ‘All That Matters’ shifts gears, transforming into a slick electro number. Fourward’s customary high production levels and extreme attention to detail are all still here, and the result is a track full of energy and creativity. Just when you think you know what’s coming, Fourward hit hard with a drum and bass flavored second half-crossover ammunition.

‘Gone (feat. Katie’s Ambition)’
Featuring a vocal sample full of soul and emotion, ‘Gone’ shows a completely difference side to Fourward, atmospheric synths and reverbed vocals intertwine to create a massive sounding track, and by the time the drawn out, almost vocal bass kicks in, hands will already be in the air. The perfect blend of emotion, production and downright dirty bass, ‘Gone’ won’t be leaving dancefloors any time soon.

‘Steady State’
After the full fat electronic tracks of ‘All That Matters’ and ‘Gone’, Fourward pull ‘Steady State’ out the bag. Crissy Criss scored a world-wide exclusive first play and made it his 'Ace of Clubs' track on his coveted BBC 1Xtra show. A Neurofunk monster, ‘Steady State’ sees the deadly combination of dirty analogue bass, catchy dark rhythms and bags of atmosphere for one of the darkest, slickest sounding tracks this year. Fourward are already known for their versatility, and the mighty ‘Steady State’ show’s one of the reasons why.

A neon soaked monster of a tune, the half-time ‘Rave’ steps things up another gear. Featuring soaring synths, gritty filtered bass flanked with punchy drums, ‘Rave’ takes things to an adrenalin fuelled high. After a drumstep section that you can’t help but move to, Fourward switch things up and go into full time drum and bass. The result? A hype-inducing beast, with all the hallmarks of a Fourward production.

‘All That Matters’
Released: 27th August 2012
Label: Audioporn Records
Format: Digital
Cat No: APORN024

1. ‘All That Matters’
2. ‘Gone (feat. Katie’s Ambition)’
3. ‘Rave’
4. ‘Steady State’
5. ‘Chase Your Mind’ (Beatport Exclusive)

'Chase Your Mind' available as a free download when you 'like' Fourward on Facebook!

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