For those who grew up during the golden age of the arcade, the very opening sounds of Xilent's ‘Boss Wave’ will bring the memories flooding back, from the barely believable graphics of Out Run when it first hit the arcade (no laughing at the back), the pride at a perfectly timed dragon punch to the the extra life secrets on Paperboy. And while the memories of the games intricacies may fade, it was those end of level talismans, the bosses, the end of level baddies that stick firmly in mind. From R-Types tail wielding level one monolith to Vendetta in Missing Link to the giant Helicopter in Shinobi, they were the true test of the arcade gamer. Essentially, this is where ‘Boss Wave’ takes its lead, a giant level ending super boss of a tune, crunching and stomping over your weak attempts to fight it.

The intro to ‘Boss Wave’ opens with the aforementioned arcade coin drop, which is then followed by gloriously evocative layers of 8 bit synths and a classic sounding arcade melody leading up to the drop where Xilent’s impeccable future club beats underpin crunchy master system bass and arcade flourishes. A switch up to his usual style certainly, but a satisfying exercise in nostalgia for the oldies and retro goodness for Xilent’s own generation. Xilent, as always, comes with the unexpected, but delivers another sure-fire classic for his ever-expanding arsenal of future beats.


As rises to prominence go, Xilent’s has been meteoric in the extreme. A little over 18 months since his debut dubstep release ‘Choose Me II’ marked the arrival of a serious new talent, Xilent has quickly become one of the most talked about names in bass culture with his 2012 releases ‘Touch Sound EP’ and ‘Ultrafunk EP’ creating waves of new fans across dancefloors, online and radio alike.  During this period since ‘Choose Me II’ Xilent has also become a much in demand remixer with everyone from Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran to Subfocus and Excision queuing up to get his take on their latest releases.

With DJ bookings now taking him around the world and rumours of a late 2013 album in the works, it is no wonder many are tipping Xilent for true greatness in the coming months. To kick off the year, Xilent once again throws in another curveball with the release of the much sought after ‘Boss Wave’, once again expanding on his signature sounds with a new influence which once again shows an artist and talent at the top of his game.  

The future could not possibly be brighter for Xilent, who now having now based himself in the UK is part of a new wave of bass culture producers taking the sounds to new levels and pushing genres such as dubstep out of their sometimes perceived ruts and into new bursts of creativity and vision.

Xilent - ‘Boss Wave’

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Released by: Audioporn Records
Cat No: APORN028
Official Release: 4th February 2013