High Maintenance - 'Watching Me' EP [APORN034]
High Maintenance - 'Watching Me' EP [APORN034]

Combining soulful liquid sensibilities with dancefloor-damaging energy, and equally at home in a dubstep, drumstep or drum and bass tempo, High Maintenance isn't one to be confined by genre. Now he's back to cement his status as a talented producer at the top of his game as he returns with the highly anticipated ‘Watching Me’ EP.

‘Watching Me feat. Georgina Upton’

High Maintenance and Mediks team up to deliver an absolute jump-up monster in the titular ‘Watching Me’. After a soulful and uplifting intro from Georgina Upton, a rhythmical edge creeps in as the track builds, leading to a ten-tonne drop that counterpoints high-energy riffs with the savagery of the bass and beat. Merging Mediks’ signature liquid style with High Maintenance’s jump-up aggression is a genius move. Instant anthem status is assured.

‘Let You Go feat. Katie's Ambition’ 

Next up is another vocal smasher, this time featuring High Maintenance's partner-in-crime from previous releases, Katie's Ambition. This takes the jump-up paradigm and tweaks it one notch more vicious. Rhythmic drive is present right from the start, pushing the track along and steadily building the tension until the release of the drop. Heavy!

Different Worlds’ 

High Maintenance offers a different take on the vocal-and-bass combo in the next track, by spacing things out into a drumstep format. Delicate riffs and pads interplay in a way that captures the nineties-rave essence of this sound, while keeping the production style firmly state-of-the-art. This is music designed to get hands in the air and take twenty-first century ravers on a journey back to the foundations.

‘The Future’

After a nod to the old skool, next up is ‘The Future’. Here, High Maintenance draws together the threads he's established throughout the EP and weaves them into a solid rave wrecking-ball. The musicality of the vintage intro builds gracefully through expert synth manipulation, until the suggestion of serrated bass develops into a drop that's guaranteed to find a home in in bass-conscious DJ sets worldwide.

Order from iTunes: http://bit.ly/WatchingMe_iTunes

Label: Audioporn Records
Cat # APORN034
Genre: Drum & Bass
Released: 8th September 2013

Press enquiries: bonney@audiopornrecords.com