Dilemn - Hypersonic EP [APORN037]
Dilemn - Hypersonic EP [APORN037]

Adding to an already impressive discography, Dilemn has weaved together another set of bass-driven records to send your sub-woofers insane. Hypersonic EP does not disappoint, and if you’ve previously followed Dilemn, you’ll know that his releases have been devoured by hungry music listeners all over the world. Dilemn’s new Hypersonic EP sees the French producer return to his roots, likely to excite a diverse fan base.

He sticks to his charismatically funky overture, with these four tracks showing Dilemn to be the master of his profession, helping progress the musical evolution of dubstep. And it’s what you’d expect from an artist who’s been hailed across radio airwaves and cyberspace.






With a slightly darker undertow, ‘Hypersonic’s seismic drop will command the aural nerves of any listener, with a switch midway that speeds up the track and only adds to its powerful aggressiveness. 

For You

This track rolls out with statically interrupting vocals through percussion and ambient sound, building a foundation for something bigger. It then builds into a crescendo propelling you into an elevation of dirty bass, throwing you down as quickly as you came up.


It’s unlikely, but if you hadn’t already been seduced by Dilemn’s production skills, ‘Shock’ will have you captivated. The layering is intelligently constructed and with a diversity which keeps your attention throughout. Again, you’re pulled through a musical thesaurus, with Dilemn’s rhythmic style reigning supreme.

Funk Your Soul

What’s great about this record is the multi-genre cross pollination. It exposes Dilemn’s ingenuity, and dips into his experimentation of French house, and even flirts briefly with a moombahton style bassline. However, it’s that funky expressionism which really seeps through, an instantly recognisable trait from the artist.

Dilemn - 'Hypersonic' EP is out on the 24th of November 2013 and is available to pre-order from iTunes

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